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Family Matters!


ParramattaLawFirmFamilyLawyers3Families are the cells of a society, and they are the foundation of local communities and larger groups as well. A healthy and functional family is something which is a dream for many people, but not a lot of us manage to accomplish this goal and to enjoy in the feelings and happiness which comes from living in a union where members respect and appreciate each other.

Unfortunately, most modern families are the exact opposite to this ideal family model, since today’s marriages and relations with children are in a vast number of cases miserable, unhappy and even unbearable. Of course, this is not something which is new, since humans have had problems in their families since the dawn of humanity, but it seems that technological advancements and faster sharing of information have contributed to the overall increase in alienation of family members and this causes more and more problems.

When a situation in a family becomes completely impossible to control, i.e. when family members become aggressive towards each other or when they simply need to separate due to large differences in opinions, attorney who specialize in family law will have the opportunity to earn their fees and to involve themselves and their teams into a family law case. Family law is a very large part of our complete legal system, and it covers topics which deal with divorce, annulment, adoption, child abuse, child support and child custody, alimony, domestic violence, LGBT relations and many other similar scenarios and cases.


When one of these occurrences happens, the opposing parties usually hire a lawyer who is experienced in these legal matters, and he should provide a good legal guidance and give the best advice on how to proceed. A lot of cases and disputes in recent years have been conducted through a new method, which includes a rather informal approach to legal proceedings, and it is called family mediation. If this approach is not working, the case goes to trial where a judge makes a final decision based on sets of previous legal statuses and case precedents. Generally, the main premise that the judges follow is concerned with children, and they usually make a ruling which is “in the best interest of the child”, if there is one in the family. If you want to find out more about this topic don’t hesitate to contact orange county family law attorney here.

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